Hospital Admissions and After Hours Care

Emergency and After Hours Care

DAHS has a formalised agreement in place with the Derby Hospital for provision of after hours care for all clients in the Derby region, including those who identify as “DAHS Clients”.

This agreement takes into account the fact that, up to the time of writing this manual, DAHS does not provide after hours on-call or emergency services.  It therefore reinforces the role of the Derby Hospital in continuing to provide this service to all patients on a 24 hour basis.

Admissions/Inpatient Care

The DAHS doctors do not (yet) have admitting rights at the Derby Hospital and therefore all inpatient care is currently provided by the Hospital doctors.

Where a patient is seen by a DAHS doctor and assessed as needing admission to hospital, the DAHS doctor contacts the hospital “Admitting Officer” (The Doctor who is rostered in the Emergency Department at the hospital for that shift) through the hospital switchboard (Phone: (08) 9193 3333), who will make the necessary arrangements for admission. 

Transport to the hospital may be with

  1. Private vehicle,
  2. DAHS transport vehicle, or
  3. Hospital ambulance service, depending on patient needs.

We are committed to core principles including Aboriginal self-determination, access, equity, empowerment and reconciliation.