Smoking Cessation

Approximately 60-70% of the adult DAHS patient population smoke cigarettes, and it is not uncommon to see people as young as 10-12 years taking up smoking.  

As a health service, seeing the end results of smoking such as heart disease, lung disease, cancers, stroke, amputations – we are really keen to help smokers find ways to quit.  The DAHS quit smoking program offers:

  • Written information about smoking/quitting
  • Counselling /discussion about quitting with specifically trained workers
  • Nicotine patches or other medications at no costs to help smokers to quit
  • Regular follow-up with a DAHS quit smoking program worker to provide support through the process of quitting.

All referrals can be made through the clinic. Self–referrals are accepted and encouraged.

We are committed to core principles including Aboriginal self-determination, access, equity, empowerment and reconciliation.