Social & Emotional Wellbeing

The DAHS SEWB Team consists of four positions as DAHS has been provided funding via the KAMS for a State Specialist Aboriginal Mental Health Service (SSAMHS).  This program has allowed us enhance and expanded our SEWB Team from two to four through funding additional positions; a Senior Mental Health Clinician, who will manage the SEWB Team.

The Ultimate aim of the SEWB Program is to improve the quality of life of Aboriginal people suffering from emotional and social well-being issues, through a holistic approach to mental health service provision. 

The DAHS SEWB Team clearly have their work cut out for them – so the focus is establishing relationships within the community, both with individuals and families, as well as with a range of other service providers in the region whose resources may be made more easily accessible through the SEWB officer’s. 

Close working relationships have been developed with Kimberley Mental Health & Drug Service (KMHDS) and domestic violence referral services, whilst the KAMS Regional Centre for SEWB offers a solid resource and support base for the DAHS SEWB Officers.

We are committed to core principles including Aboriginal self-determination, access, equity, empowerment and reconciliation.